Montmorency adopts Sicily on a quaint corner – finalmente!

Cathy and Alex aren’t the type of people who make a fuss, quietly running one of Montmorency’s busiest brunch spots. But, beneath their modest demeanours, the couple has been making waves since they opened Espresso 3094 in 2012. And for good reason. True to their Mediterranean roots, the pair are feeders, which means they’re passionate about good food that leaves you feeling satisfied and fulfilled. It’s precisely why they’ve been carefully planning a true culinary gift for their extended local family in Monty.

Montibello is as true to Italian cuisine as it is to humble Montmorency. Think honest, simple, soulful dishes to serve to residents of all walks. From families and couples to enjoy for a special occasion, to casual drop-ins for a hearty meal or pizza before footy or netball.

Head Chef Dario Montemaggiore’s focus is on refining “Casa Linga” or Italian home-style cooking. Discover dishes to include the Sicilian Penne alla Norma eggplant,cherry tomatoes, basil, Napoli sauce and pecorino; Homemade Ravioli filled with truffle mushroom and finished with a burnt sage and pecorino; and Sfinci homemade Sicilian doughnuts (a rare find here in Melbourne) straight from the heart of Sicily, speaking for themselves on your plate. For quality assurance, Nonna (Cathy’s mum) has reviewed and approved the menu too, and will even star as a guest contributor to the specials board ­– because everyone knows she makes it best…

Whatever the occasion, Montibello invites you over for a beautiful Italian meal, from its family to yours. How could you refuse?